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© Victoria Kibilids 2020
© Victoria Kibildis 2020

The mission of the Copperplate Scriptorium is to mentor students like you who may be at the beginning of your pointed pen studies. You may also be an intermediate calligrapher who wants to refine your Copperplate skills.

Many times for a lot of us, especially at the beginning when learning something new, it's easy to become frustrated. Perhaps you have tried to teach yourself, or have taken a class or two, but now feel that your results are not what you had hoped for. Perhaps you have put in the time and devotion to your practice, but now feel that you have plateaued? 

It is for those reasons that the Copperplate Scriptorium was created. Speaking personally, I know in the early days, when trying to teach myself, it would have been beneficial to have had a "second pair of eyes" to show me what and how I needed to improve. My learning curve would have definitely been a whole lot shorter. 


So, dear students, if you are ready to elevate your skills, let's get started! You may find with your newfound skills that your confidence increases, passion returns, and you will see the beauty in what you do. 



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What Students Say

"Victoria is an amazing teacher...well prepared, knowledgeable, patient, supportive and so helpful.  I made some amazing progress and improved so much faster with her individualized feedback and encouragement.  Her insight, experience, and tips are invaluable." UCSD Student.

"As a leftie, I always found calligraphy to be difficult and frustrating.  Victoria changed everything for me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my skills grow in each of her classes."  Angelo Outlaw., AIGA, SD

"This is probably the best Copperplate class I've ever taken...I've taken several Copperplate classes over the years, and already in this course I've learnt so much more than I already knew."  Nelly Roberts, UCSD 

"I really enjoyed Victoria's calligraphy classes...I appreciated her pace and patience and how she emphasized details and correlations between the letterforms to enhance learning and build muscle memory. I would highly recommend her class.  Handlettering is good for the spirit!"   Izzy C., AIGA, SD


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This is an in-depth review of your lower case letters. If you are further along in your practice, letter and word spacing are also reviewed. 

A one-to-one Zoom session. 






Understanding the basic strokes of Copperplate capital letters is crucial to beautiful results, thereby giving you the confidence to pursue a variety of elegant script styles. 


A one-to-one Zoom session. 


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© Victoria Kibildis 2020
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